Garrett was playing in the kitchen while Mike was making breakfast, this morning.  So, I stuck him in the cabinet.  He stayed in there for about 5 minutes, playing. 


What are you doing, Dada?

And done.

In other news, Garrett said Papa today.  Actually it came out more like Bapa, but we’ll take it.

Bath time

We took a break from baths every night, for a while.  Garrett’s skin was getting too dry.  We started only giving him a bath twice a week.  The only bad part was Garrett forgot how much he liked his baths.  Bath time turned into a big ordeal, usually only lasting 15 minutes before he was crying and trying to climb out.  So we’ve gone to three baths a week, and he’s doing so much better. 


Sorry, I haven’t updated in so long.  Nothing exciting is going on here.  I’ve been sick, well, since before Christmas.  I’m on my second round of antibiotics so hopefully, I’ll be feeling better soon.  I hate taking all this medicine but I really need to stop coughing! 

We got a new van.  Mike’s car has been giving us trouble since we bought it so we traded it in.  I love my van!  It’s so big, and has so much space!  Love it! 

Garrett is going to be with my parents from Thursday to Sunday.  I’m going to miss him, but I’m looking forward to having a little break.  I’m going to catch up on my sewing!