Grandpa S brought us dinner yesterday.  It was so nice to see him!

Garrett showed Grandpa his swing set.  He even went down the slide all by himself!  Thanks for dinner, Grandpa S!

Look what I can do!

A few things.

Avery had her 9 month well child check yesterday.  She weighs 18.2lbs (40%) and is 28.25 inches (75%)  long.  She got one shot and took it like a champ, even though she was super tired.  She has 6 teeth, 4 on top, and 2 on the bottom.  Has master regular crawling but still prefers the army crawl a lot.  Is pulling herself up to stand, and just started taking a few steps holding onto something.  She’s also started sleeping through the night for the most part.  Every now and then she needs a midnight snack.  I’ve decided to start working on getting her to drink out of a cup more.  She’ll be one in a couple of months, and while I don’t plan on weaning her, we need to work on this.  Any suggestions are welcomed!

Garrett has started talking!  It’s so wonderful!  He’s up to about 20 words and learning new ones all the time!  We are so proud of him!!  He’s doing great with his potty training.  He’s such a big helper!  He loves being involved in whatever I’m doing.  He has the sweetest heart!  He was hugging and kissing Avery after her shots yesterday.  He’ll bring her toys all the time and if I forget to grab her bib, he’ll go get one for her.  Garrett is becoming a better eater!  He’s being a lot more adventurous and actually trying most things.  He can dress himself for the most part, still working on shirts and socks though.  He can get his velcro sandals on himself and most of the time they’re on the right foot.

We’ll be moving to a new blog soon.  We’ve just about reached the limit on picture uploads for this one.  I’ll let everyone know when we move for sure.