Work shower and some news!

Last night was my shower from the girls at work!  We had such a good time.  We had dinner at the Walker Roadhouse, awesome food!  They got us a gift certificate and I used that to order the carseat last night.  Should be here in a couple days.  That’s the last big thing that we need so now we are pretty much all set. 

Also yesterday, I talked to my boss and December 18th is going to be my last day of work at Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan, unless of course he decides to come out before then.  After that I will be a stay at home mom!   We’ve been talking about it for awhile now and with the insurance issues (loooooonnnnnng story), no part time position open, and daycare costs we decided that it would be better for me to stay home.  I’m a little nervous, after talking to my boss, no backing out now!  I’m also really excited about spending lots of time with my little guy, I think it will be fun!


We got a couple other things from the shower! 



Look how tiny they are!  I love them!  Thanks for the awesome shower ladies!  I’m going to miss you!



10 more weeks!

I can’t believe he’ll be here in 10 more weeks.  Sometimes if feels like it is going sooooo slow, and other times it seems to fly by.  Thanks to all of our wonderful family we have pretty much all the big stuff that we need.  The house is all ready for him.   I only have 39 days left of work until the end of the year (not like I’m counting or anything).  Mike has all his paperwork for FMLA time so he can take a week off to be home with me and the baby.  I’m so glad he’s doing that, it’s going to be so nice! 

We sold our old vehicles!  Yeah!  It doesn’t look like a used car lot in front of our house anymore.  Just the two 4runners are left.  Mine is getting checked out at the mechanics and then I’ll get some pictures up of them.

30 week appointment!

Today was my 30 week appointment, the heartbeat was good, and I’m measuring right on.  Also, I haven’t gained any weight since last month!  Woo Hoo!  Very excited about that! 

I had my glucose test this morning also and I was 5 points over what I needed to be to pass so I’m going to have to do the 3 hour test.  I’m going to try and do it this weekend and get it over with, not looking forward to it at all.  

On a more positive note, I have most of the baby stuff put away and sorted out so that’s a relief.  We have a lot more living room than we had yesterday.

Update:  I just talked to Dr. Taylor and he’s not making me do the 3 hour test!  WOOHOO!  I love him!

Stephenson Family Shower Oct 18, 2009

The second shower of the weekend was in Brighton at Olive Garden.  The food was awesome!


Getting ready to open presents.


Little outfit from Aunt Jan, Kelly, and Jessie.




Pack and play mattress pad from Mrs. S.  along with the pack and play and sheets.   We’ll need those when we come out to visit her!


Bear sleep sack, nice and warm for the winter.


Bathtub with lots of goodies inside from Aunt Pam, Katie, and Krissy.

 We got a lot more stuff but my camera died so that’s all the pictures we have.  Thank you Laura for the beautiful shower and Mrs. S.  for her help!  I had a great time!

Marion Shower Oct 17, 2009


Brooke, me, Mom.


Michelle (sister in law, who came all the way from Washington DC, so glad she could come!), Deb (mother in law), me.



Stroller from my mom! 


He’s testing it out.  The bear is from Brooke and Mom dressed him.  He has John Deere socks on. 


This was from the Krchmar’s.


Deb made this quilt for the baby.  I love it!


This was Mike’s snowsuit when he was a baby.


Aunt Barb made this blanket.  I love the color!


Little baby shoes. 


Brooke made the diaper cake.  It looked great!

We got tons of presents!  Thank you to everyone who came and everyone who helped get things ready!  It was so much fun!