Sewing Project: Banners

I’ve been wanting to make banners for holidays for a long time now.  When Jill was in town we went to Hobby Lobby, and I found some of the things I needed to start on that project.  It sort of took off from there.  I made a banner with both of the kids’ names on it, an all the holidays that are coming up.  I also decided to make one for Baby Noah.   I still need to finish the Christmas banner, and I want to make banners for a couple more holidays, but this is what I have done so far.  I think they turned out pretty well.

This is the baby sister’s.

This is the Thanksgiving banner.  I don’t really like how it turned out.  I think the background fabric is too dark.

I love how this one turned out!!  I think the colors look great together!


Baby Sister Pregnancy Update: 29 weeks

How far along:  29 weeks.

How big is baby:  Squash.

Total weight gain: 25 lbs.

Maternity clothes:  Definitely.

Sleep:  Not great.  I’ve been waking up a lot more frequently, and having a harder time falling back asleep.

Best moment of the week:  We had fun swimming, as a family, on Saturday morning.  I also won an awesome blog giveaway this weekend at  That was super exciting!

Food cravings:  Desserts.

Food aversions:  Nothing really.

Symptoms:  My hips are still bothering me every now and then, but otherwise I’m feeling pretty good.

Movement:  More than it has been.  Yay!  Especially if I’m laying still.

Gender:   Baby Girl!

What I’m looking forward to:  Finishing up the sewing projects I’ve been working on (pictures to come), we’re planning on going out for dinner with the Tooman’s later this week so that will be fun, too.

What I miss:   Sleeping better.

Next appt:  August 11th.

Noah Bradley Tooman

Jen went back in the hospital last Wednesday with contractions.  They tried to stop her labor but Baby Tooman was just too excited to come out and play.  He was born Saturday night (my mom’s birthday) weighing 2.7lbs.  He’s doing really well, but will be in the hospital for a little bit longer.  Please, keep praying for Chris, Jen and Noah.  Head over to Jen’s blog ( for pictures!  He’s really cute!

Garrett and Lucas

Laura’s nephew, Levi, works in Holland every now and then.  I ran into him at Meijer on Monday, and he had brought his wife, Jill, and their little boy, Lucas, with him while he was working over here.  We went swimming at their hotel, shopped, and had dinner together for a couple of days!  It was so much fun!  Lucas is 10 months old, and he and Garrett had a great time playing together!!

Baby Sister Pregnancy Update: Week 28

28 weeks

29 weeks pregnant with Garrett.

How far along:  28 weeks!  3rd trimester!  Yay!

How big is baby:  Eggplant.

Total weight gain: 25 lbs.

Maternity clothes:  Definitely.

Sleep:  I slept really well while we were gone.  It felt great to catch up on sleep.

Best moment of the week:  Coming back home to my bed.  Going swimming at the condo and during the week with some friends.

Food cravings:  Ice cream.

Food aversions:  Nothing really.

Symptoms:  My hips are starting to spread, so that’s been uncomfortable, but otherwise, I’m feeling pretty good.

Movement:  Sporadic.  Every now and then I’ll feel a couple of good kick/punches, but she’s pretty laid back.

Gender:   Baby Girl!

What I’m looking forward to:  A relaxing weekend at home!!

What I miss:  Cooler weather!!  This heat has been a little rough.

Next appt:  August 11th.