Happy 2nd Birthday Garrett!

Two years ago today, at 4:46am Garrett Joseph Stephenson came into this world!  Happy Birthday baby boy!  You are such a blessing and I’m so thankful that I get to be your Mama!  We love you so much!


O Christmas Tree!

We didn’t put our tree up early, so that little people wouldn’t play with it.  We put it up last night and Garrett helped for a little while.  He got to see the finished product this morning.

Year 2 as a domestic Engineer!

Today marks two years since I earned a paycheck.  I can’t believe it’s been so long already.  My job has changed a lot this past year.  Adding another baby into the mix has been quite an adjustment.  We’re still adjusting, but it’s getting easier every day.

I’m learning more and more about my job and how to do it better.  I have a new system for keeping up with the cleaning.  I’ve started cleaning one thing a day.  Some days I do it first thing in the morning and sometimes it doesn’t get done until nap time but it’s only one job and it doesn’t usually take too long.  Monday I clean the floors, Tuesday the bathroom, Wednesday I bake, Thursday the kitchen and Friday I dust.   Instead of needing to clean the whole house and feeling overwhelmed, I only have one thing to clean.  I’ve also started doing laundry every day.  With Avery here now, it’s just easier to throw one load in the morning, then spend a whole day doing laundry.

Mike is so supportive, I don’t know what I’d do without him.  He always helps whenever I need him.  He lets me go to the gym or on a long walk almost every night when he gets home from work.  I get some exercise and he gets some time alone with the kids.  He’s always telling me how much he appreciates me staying home and all the hard work I do.  I’m so thankful for that!

Garrett is such a big helper, too.  He helps clean up his toys and books all the time.  He likes to help unload the dishwasher and set the table.  I’m so glad we started teaching him to clean up after himself while he was so young.  That has definitely made my job easier.

I love being a stay at home mama.  It’s not always easy, we definitely have hard days, but I love it.  I love spending all day with my babies!  It’s definitely not boring.  There is plenty going on with two kids to keep me busy, plus I make time to do things I want to do during the day like baking and sewing.  It’s not for everyone but it works for us.  I’m so thankful Mike has such a good job, and works so hard at it, that I am able to stay home with our children.  It has been a huge blessing for me and for our family.