Turkey Weekend

Not Thanksgiving (obviously), Turkey hunting!  Mike and his dad went last year but didn’t have any luck.  Well, this year Tom got one! 

Look how long his claws are!  Ouch!

Garrett is still sick.  He now has a double ear infection!  Mama isn’t excited about more antibiotics.  He tried oatmeal this weekend too.  It doesn’t seem to be bothering his tummy as much as the rice.  The sleep situation isn’t any better.  It’s actually worse.  We are praying that once he gets rid of this ear infection, maybe just maybe we’ll get lucky and he’ll start sleeping longer than an hour at a time. 

Yum, oatmeal!

Story time with Mama.  (This one isn’t actually from this weekend, but I love this picture!)

Aunt Brooke kisses!

Grandpa and Grandma S got Garrett these super cute sunglasses and a floaty thing for in the pool/lake this summer!  Can’t wait to test them out!  Thank you!

What a stud!

Snuggling with Grandma Berciunas before heading home on Sunday.

A lot of Firsts!

Garrett had a lot of firsts this week!  He had his first cold which sent us to the doctor, who found his first ear infection, and while we were there we talked about his first taste of water and cereal.  The cough isn’t anything serious  but she did recommend a little bit of water to help break up the junk in his lungs.  The ear infection was very minor but he did get antibiotics for 3 days just to take care of it and the doctor said that Garrett is big enough that cereal would probably be a good idea. 

Garrett was not very happy about the water.  He would drink a little and then spit the bottle out.  Look at the bottle again, take a drink and then spit the bottle back out.  Like the was expecting milk and then when he tasted it, he was like “What is this stuff?   This is not milk!”  We got the idea from one of the ladies Mike works with to try giving him the water on a spoon.  Since he’s so young some babies have a hard time getting the hang of eating from a spoon.  Not Garrett!  He figured it out right away! 

Since he was doing so well taking the water from the spoon we decided to try cereal.  He loved it!  The first day was pretty messy but he did a lot better after that!  We haven’t had any real improvement on the sleep situation but we’re hoping once he gets feeling better that will help also.

A weekend Apart!

Mike went to Adam’s bachelor party in Chicago, so Garrett and I went to Marion for the weekend.  This was the first time Mike and I haven’t been together overnight since last summer.  We missed Mike a lot but we have fun and so did he!

Snuggling with Grandma Berciunas before his bath.

Hanging out before bedtime.

Grandma Deb keeping me up past my bedtime, Mama wasn’t very happy!

Garrett  found his thumb!!! 

And his foot!  So cute!

Garrett’s First Easter

Garrett and Grandma Deb

Garrett and Aunt Brooke

Napping with Aunt Brooke

Garrett and Grandpa Mark

Napping with Grandpa Berciunas

Meeting Amy for the first time!

Garrett and Isabell

Meeting Aunt Michelle for the first time!  Telling her all kinds of stories!

Garrett and Grandma S

Happy Easter!