All dressed up for church.

He’s just so cute!


I love fall!  The cooler weather, the changing leaves, it’s my favorite time of year. 

This pheasant wandered into our yard.

They’ve been chopping the corn fields around our house.  Mike and Garrett went for a ride on the combine.

Corn going into the dryer.



Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa Berciunas

To celebrate Grandma and Grandpa Berciunas’s 30th anniversary we borrowed the condo for the weekend. 

Garrett thought he’d try to climb the stairs.

See what I have, Mama!

I’m almost to you, Daddy.

I made it to the top!  I’m the king of the mountain!

Thanks for the Tigers shirt, Aunt Brooke! 

Aunt Brooke and me in our Tigers shirts.

Telling Aunt Brooke stories.

Happy Anniversary Grandma and Grandpa Berciunas!  Thank you to everyone for coming up to the condo with us to celebrate and thank you to Grandma and Grandpa S for letting us borrow the condo!  We had so much fun!