Garrett 29 months, Avery 7 1/2 months

Garrett and Avery are changing so much!  It seems like everyday they are learning something new.


That’s yogurt on his face.  And on the table.

~ Is finally starting to talk!  He’s learning new words everyday.

~ No interest in potty training.

~ His 2 year molars are almost all the way through.   They don’t seem to bother him a lot.

~ He’s been fighting bedtime since we moved but is getting better.

~ Loves his sister but is showing some signs of jealousy.  We’re still working on being gentle too.

~  Wants to do everything Papa does!  It’s so cute!

My boys picked me these flowers!  They are so sweet! 


~ Is trying all sorts of foods!  She’s pretty much feeding herself 90% of the time and doing great with it.  She loves just about everything.

~ Has mastered Army crawling!  She has crawled halfway across the house a couple of times.

~ Has slept through the night a total of 4 times.  It was wonderful!

~  Has some great facial expressions.

~ Has 5 teeth.  We had a little bit of biting but I gave her 2 bottles in a row and it hasn’t been an issue since.

~ Just started clapping and waving!  It’s adorable!


3 thoughts on “Garrett 29 months, Avery 7 1/2 months

  1. Amanda says:

    Hand picked flowers are the BEST!! Your kids are adorable 🙂

  2. Jill says:

    Love the updates… Thank you!!! 🙂

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