House Progress

We’re all moved in!

A HUGE thank you to all the grandmas for helping!   We can’t thank them enough!  Without all their help, we probably wouldn’t have been able to move in last weekend.  We’re adjusting well.  All the important stuff is unpacked, we’re just trying to sort out all the other stuff and find homes for everything.  The kids are doing pretty well.  They haven’t been sleeping great, unfortunately, but hopefully it will be getting better soon.

Here are some pictures of the stuff we changed so far.

The kitchen turned out so great!  I love the color!


Avery’s room.  It looks a little green in this picture but it’s actually a tan/cream color.

Garrett’s room.  His room looks a little bare but he has more stuff in it.  His room is the same color as Avery’s.

We still have things we want to do.  I’d love to get rid of all the carpet, but it’s probably going to be awhile before we can get to that.


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