Cloth Diapers for Two

Cloth diapering two babies, isn’t for wimps.  It’s a lot of work!  If I was going to do cloth diapers at all, it needed to be easy.  Sadly, the prefolds I loved so much, haven’t been cutting it.  I don’t like them as much for Avery, anyway, because they don’t wick, so all the moisture is sitting right against her skin.  With Garrett, it’s not as big of a deal, because we want him to realize that the wetness is uncomfortable and use that as incentive to sit on the potty.  They also don’t hold a lot of liquid.  Garrett is a very heavy wetter, always has been, and we’ve had a lot of leaks.

We have been using the ones I made a lot more.  The velcro I bought for the large diapers is useless, so I need to replace it, but otherwise they are working pretty well.

Another system we have been trying is stay-dry inserts.  We have two types of covers and each brand has its own insert.

Thiristies covers are a 2 size system.  They are wonderful covers but a one size system would be a lot more convenient.  I really LOVE their inserts though.  They are actually two inserts snapped together.  One insert is microfiber with fleece for next to the skin and the other is hemp for extra absorbance.  They work great!   The inserts also come in two sizes but I’ve just been buying the size 2 inserts and they’ve been working fine for Avery.

Flip covers are the other brand we have and they are a one size system, fitting from birth to potty training.  The Flip insert is micro-fiber with fleece lining on one side.  You can fold the insert so that it will fit for smaller babies.  It’s pretty absorbent too!

This system is much more convenient and not a lot more expensive.  Prefolds are still going to be cheaper but the stay-dry inserts are about $5-6 a piece.  They are also a lot trimmer.  I’m loving this system so far!

I should add, that we didn’t use any cloth diapers when Avery was really little.  I had enough going on to deal with it then so this is more of my experience over the past couple months.


2 thoughts on “Cloth Diapers for Two

  1. Cloth Diaper Guru says:

    Thanks for the tip on the Thirsties inserts! We also have an older baby who is a heavy wetter, and I’m constantly turning to the prefolds for her. We also use the Thirsties covers and I agree, I wish they had a one sized option.

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