Little Miss

Little Miss, has been up to a lot of new things lately.

She started rolling from her back to her belly last week!  She’s been working on it for so long and she’s finally got it down pat!  We can’t hardly keep her on her back now. She gets mad when she’s trying to sleep and she rolls onto her belly, but I  have caught her sleeping on her belly a couple of times.

She found her toes!  She’s always grabbing for them and it’s adorable!

She’s sick for the first time!  Poor little baby has the worst sounding cough.  We took her to the doctor yesterday and she has a viral bronchitis.  Praise the Lord, it’s not RSV!!  She hasn’t been sleeping very well at all though, she’s coughing so much, it just breaks my heart!  She’s always smiling though, as bad as she must feel!

Her first tooth is going to be here any day now.  I saw it breaking through her gums this weekend!

She’s also had her first foods!  I wanted to wait until she’s 6 months but she’s been showing a lot of signs of being ready.  She stares at us intently while we’re eating so we thought we’d give it a try.  We got an avocado yesterday and gave her a little chunk in the net feeder and she LOVED it!  Hopefully she continues to do this well!


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