Avery has been with us for three weeks now.  I can’t believe it’s going so fast already.  She’s already changing a lot, getting longer and chubby.  Her hair hasn’t fallen out yet.  It’s so long and pretty, I think I’ll cry if it does fall out.

Garrett loves Avery!  Sometimes a little too much.  We watch him very carefully to make sure he doesn’t hurt her on accident.  I’m so glad he loves her though!

I’m feeling great!  My body seems to be recovering a lot faster this time.  I don’t think I tore as badly, and my body definitely lets me know if I over do it, but by the end of the first week I was feeling good enough to go on walks and have been trying to go almost every day.   I also started back at the gym.  I’m not doing a lot, taking it very slowly, but it feels great to be working out again.  I’ve lost half of my pregnancy weight so far.  I still have a way to go, but I’m pretty happy with how things are going so far.

Breastfeeding is still pretty painful.  Slowly getting better though, and she’s still nursing great.  I’m only pumping once a day for now.  Avery is getting better with her bottles.

She’s sleeping great!  She’s only been waking up once a night.  Some nights more but we really have been very lucky.  I’m still tired but Garrett and Avery have been napping at the same time, at least once a day (Thank you, Lord!!), so that gives me time to rest or get things done.  We are very thankful!


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