OB appointment

I’m not quite dilated to 2 cm.  So not even a whole 1/2 cm in a week.  Heartbeat and blood pressure were good, and I didn’t gain any weight again this week.  I’m going in on Friday for a non-stress test to check the baby’s heartbeat and for contractions.  They are also going to give me something to help me dilate.  If that doesn’t move things along, we’ll go back and try again over the weekend.


4 thoughts on “OB appointment

  1. I’m interested to hear what they give you to dilate. I am going to be researching things that can help me dilate – I’m so sick of waiting! Good luck! 🙂

  2. janie oliver says:

    Hi Verna,

    I know it gets discouraging now, but health & safety of the baby and you is the only thing that matters. You can ask your dad. I asked him the same question about the non-stress test on the baby.

    I spent the night after my non-stress test and they inserted “the sponge” This is really a sterile sponge that has pitocin soaked in it. It’s to help the cervix become soft and bring on labor. I gotta tell you, it is uncomfortable because its not really labor/contractions JUST horrible back aches. It kept me up all night!

    If you have a choice, tell them to get the pitocin to drip from your iv, and demand (I did for very warm baths, it helps with the labor. ) After your water breaks, no more hot baths!

    Best of luck! Love Janie

    • Verna says:

      Yesterday was a little rough but I’ve mentally prepared some to wait. Having some sort of plan helps too. He doesn’t want to start pitocin right away, he’d rather wait and let me start on my own. We’ll see how things go. Thanks for the tips.

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