Baby Sister Pregnancy Update: 38 weeks

How far along:  38 weeks!  Eekk!!  2(ish) weeks to go!

How big is baby:  Watermelon.

Maternity clothes:  Yes.  I’m starting to run low on clothes.

Sleep:   Garrett had a rough night Saturday night, so that was difficult for all of us.  Thankfully he’s been doing much better since then.   I wake up about every two hours though.

Best moment of the week:  Nice relaxing weekend at home, all together.  We don’t have many weekend left as a family of 3 so it was nice to just hang out at home together.  It was rainy most of the weekend but we still went for a couple walks and played outside quite a bit.  I also got a double jogging stroller for $40 from a friend this weekend!  Very excited about that!

Food cravings:  Chocolate.

Food aversions:  Nothing really.

Symptoms:  I’m sick!  Mike got a nasty cold the weekend Garrett was at my parent’s, I caught it last week, and now Garrett is sick.  We all need to get feeling better soon!

Movement:  She’s been pretty quiet the past couple days.  Every time I start to worry about her, she always moves a little to make me feel better.  Such a sweet girl already.

Gender:   Baby Girl!

Labor Signs: I’ve been having contractions about every day since last Thursday.  Most of the time they last for about 4 hours.  Yesterday (Monday) they were about 5 minutes apart for almost an hour then… nothing.  It’s a little frustrating.

What I’m looking forward to:   Seeing my baby girl!

What I miss:  Having more clothing options, not being sick, not having to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes.

Next appt:  Sept 29th.  I’m going every week now!  EEKKK!

Notes:  It’s starting to set in that she’s going to be here soon!  I’m so excited to see her!


2 thoughts on “Baby Sister Pregnancy Update: 38 weeks

  1. Elena says:

    It seems like everyone is sick! That sucks! I know being full term and sick has to be the worst thing ever!

    But…. 2 more weeks!!!!

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