“Freezer” Cooking: Part 1

I did some freezer cooking before Garrett was born, and it was so nice having food ready.  I didn’t have to think about what we’d have for dinner every night.  I definitely wanted to do that again this time, since I’ll probably have even less energy than last time.

Garrett is going to my parents’ house this weekend so I’m going to be doing most of it then, but I got a little head start today.

I made a bunch of burritos with meat, cheese, and rice to freeze, and got the dry ingredients together for a bunch of cookies.  Each bag is enough to make 4 dozen cookies, there are two bags of cranberry oatmeal and two bags of chocolate chip oatmeal.

2 thoughts on ““Freezer” Cooking: Part 1

  1. We freeze the already made dough for cookies and muffins. I LOVE it. Chris will make a half dozen cookies at a time. And it’s nice to make just a couple muffins here and there when I’m home by myself since I can’t eat a dozen before they go bad. I froze 3 dozen pasties this spring. I should make a couple more meals for when we come home… before I fill the freezer with breast milk! LOL!

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