Garrett Update

Garrett is now 20 months old!  He’s been a lot more vocal lately.  Not really any more words, but making a lot more noises.  He seems shy about talking.  He’ll say a new word and then I can’t get him to say it again.  I even tried bribing him with an M&M and he wouldn’t do it.  I’m glad he’s trying more words and sounds though.

He’s been eating a little better lately.  He started eating meat!  Yay!  He likes chicken, ribs and breakfast sausage.  Fresh cucumbers are about the only vegetable he’ll eat.  I gave him a bite of spinach and artichoke dip, which hardly counts as a vegetable, and he almost threw up.  He’s started eating his yogurt by himself.  He’s doing really well!

He’s sleeping in his big boy bed.  Sleeping a lot better in general, thankfully.  He’s goes to sleep on his own, and sleeps all night.  He’s still waking up early but usually stays in bed until 5:30 am.  We’re going back and forth between two naps and one nap.  He seems like he still needs two naps most days, so we’re sticking with it while it works.  I’m so glad we switched him to the big boy bed, when we did!  It actually went a lot better than I expected.

He hasn’t really shown any interest in potty training, which is fine with me.  He hates sitting on the potty, so we don’t really push it.  If he seems interested in it, we offer to let him sit on it but he doesn’t care for it at all.  I’ll probably get him some big boy underwear for his birthday and we’ll see if he seems more interested then.  With the baby coming so soon, I don’t think now is the best time for either of us.  I’d rather wait until he’s really ready and make the whole process go easier for both of us.

He loves playing outside!  He likes going to the garden with Mike, and chasing the kittens.  We’ve been taking him for walks in the woods when it’s not too hot and he seems to really like that too.  He’s obsessed with rocks!  He’s always picking them up.

He’s starting to help clean up his toys and books off the floor.  Sometimes he’ll start picking up without me even telling him to.  He makes sure we know if the doors get left open accidently.  If there’s something on the floor, he brings it to me to throw away.  He knows where the pot holders go, and can put them back in the drawer.  We’ve started to let him help take some of the clean dishes out of the dishwasher and hand them to us to put away, or help set the table.   He’s such a great helper!

Grilled cheese for lunch.

Watching Papa cut his fingernails.

Trying on Papa’s socks.

Loving the kittens.

Watching Papa cut the grass.


2 thoughts on “Garrett Update

  1. mom says:

    awww, what a sweetheart

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