Last year we bought a ton of blueberries and froze them all.  We stopped a couple of times at our usual place but they didn’t have the big 10lb boxes yet.  I went yesterday to go see if they had them, and they did.  The lady was telling me the price, and then she said they had some older ones that were beginning to turn that she would sell for $10 a box.  So I was looking at them, trying to decide, when she asked if I would take them for $5.  Yes, I will definitely take them for $5, actually I’ll take 4 boxes.  So, I bought 40lbs of blueberries for $20.  I came home and sorted through them all, and we ended up with 27lbs to go in the freezer.  I’m pretty proud of myself for getting such an awesome deal.


One thought on “Blueberries!

  1. Aunt Brooke says:

    def try that blueberry muffin receipe!

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