4th of July

Our holiday weekend didn’t go quite as planned.  Mike’s grandma (Hopkins) had a massive stroke on Friday.  Thankfully, she’s doing really well.  She doesn’t have full function of her right side yet, but it’s improving everyday!

We tried to squeeze in a little relaxing time, in with the hospital visits, though.  I did a lot of sewing.  I have two new nightgowns and a new dress.  They aren’t perfect but I like them.  We took Garrett fishing in my parent’s back yard.  We caught one bluegill and one perch.  Garrett didn’t seem to care a whole lot right away but I’m sure he’ll love fishing soon enough.

We also got the sprinkler out.

We didn’t end up coming home until Tuesday.  When we got home, we rearranged Garrett’s room, in hopes on getting him used to sleeping on the bunk beds.  Night #1 went pretty well.  It took me an hour to get him to sleep but he slept almost all night.

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