Baby Sister update 24 weeks.

How far along:  24 weeks, viability!  Woo HOO!!

How big is baby:  Still papaya.

Total weight gain:  20ish lbs.  I did loose 2 lbs though! ; )

Maternity clothes:  Of course.

Sleep:  Garrett has been sleeping a little better.  I still get up to use the bathroom really frequently, and am often still tired by noon.

Best moment of the week:  She wasn’t moving a lot last week, so when she finally started moving again, it was great!

Food cravings:  Smoothies and eggs.

Food aversions:  Nothing really.

Symptoms:  Braxton Hicks and if I start doing too much I get really crampy.

Movement:  Not as much.  She’s been sleeping a lot more, I think.  Must be busy growing.

Gender:   Baby Girl!

What I’m looking forward to:  3rd trimester, October when I get to see her again.  I’m trying to enjoy this time as much as I can, though.

What I miss:  Sleeping better, and feeling rested.

Next appt:  July 6th.


6 thoughts on “Baby Sister update 24 weeks.

  1. I bet it feels really good to be in the “safe” zone! Congrats!
    So your next u/s isn’t till October?

    • Verna says:

      No, I don’t get another ultrasound. One in the very beginning and one at 20 weeks, that’s the norm around here, unless you’re having problems of course.

  2. Elena says:

    So then your due date is in October? If you’re saying you’ll see your baby?

  3. Karyn Veldman says:

    I love reading your blog Verna! Can’t wait until you have a baby girl. 🙂 Best wishes for a wonderful rest of your pregnancy and yummy cravings!! 🙂

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