Change in plans.

Have you heard the saying, when man plans, God laughs?  Well, God’s been laughing a lot!  My trip to New York got cancelled.  Mike’s business trip got cancelled, so therefore our hotel fun also got cancelled.  So instead, we took Garrett to the pool today, and it was awesome!  My back felt great while we were swimming!  We’ll definitely be going back there again soon.  Tomorrow we are meeting Grandma and Grandpa S, and Garrett and I are going to stay with them for a couple of days.   It will be a good distraction for me, while I’m waiting for my ultrasound.  We are very excited.

We are going to have a poll, starting Tuesday, to see if everyone thinks the baby is a boy or girl.   If you have any questions to help you guess, ask away in the comments or email me.


One thought on “Change in plans.

  1. Grandma Hammar says:

    We are just praying for another healthy boy or girl, it doesn’t matter but I can’t start a project till I know. Looking forward to June 9.

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