Garrett and kitten update.

Garrett has been doing learning a ton of new things.  Here is some of the new stuff he’s doing:

~ He knows where a lot of body parts are:  hair, mouth, nose, eyes, ears, toes.  We are working on knee, leg, and belly.

~ He can climb up and down off of the couch really well.  He likes to sit on the back of the couch and watch the bird/cars outside, or Mike cut the grass.  So cute!

~ He’s become very shy lately.  He’ll cover his eyes or hide his face if he’s around a lot of new people.

~ Still taking two naps a day.  Praise the Lord!

~ Likes to “read” stories by himself.  Adorable!

~ Is getting a ton of new teeth!  I think he’s up to 13 now.

~ Will give hugs and blow kisses when asked.  Aww!

~ Gives the baby kisses.

~ He’s becoming much more gentle with the cats/kittens outside.

~ He’s very interested in other babies that we see at the doctor’s office or at the store.  He always watches them.

I can’t think of anything else right now.  It seems like he’s always learning all sorts of things though, so I want to try to remember what I can.

Here are some pictures of the new kittens that were born over Mother’s Day weekend.

 Aren’t they so sweet and tiny?  I just love them!!  There are 5 all together, 2 grey tigers, 1 orange tiger, one white one, and one black one.

2 thoughts on “Garrett and kitten update.

  1. Elena says:

    AAAaaawwwww! What are you gonna do with them? They’re so sweet- I love little kittens!

    • Verna says:

      If anyone wants some, we’ll give them away, but they are all mostly living outside, so they’ll stay out there if no one claims them. Then I can love them whenever I want! Yay! ; )

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