The one with all the gnats!

We left Thursday morning for a two-day trip for our anniversary.  Garrett was staying with Grandma Deb and Grandpa Mark.  Mike went through a lot of effort to plan something nice and a little different for us to do, and we were both looking forward to a little vacation.

The first night we were going to stay in a “rustic” cabin in Wilderness State Park.  Being a rustic cabin (read: no running water, and no electricity) neither one of us had very high expectations.  I thought it would be pretty cold the whole time, while Mike was anticipating rain.  Either way, I wasn’t too worried, it was only one night.  Well, it was a lot worse than cold and rainy.  There were gnats EVERYWHERE!

If you click on the picture you can get a better view.  There were swarms of them.  By the time we got from the car to the inside of the cabin, we were both covered in them.

While we weren’t super impressed, but the cabin was nice, so we decided to tough it out.

Don’t mind me, I was planning an escape! ; )

We went to Mackinaw City, had dinner and walked around a little, since we couldn’t do anything outside at the cabin.  We played cards and ended up going to bed early, since there wasn’t much else to do.  We planned on leaving first thing in the morning.  Friday morning, we woke up early and packed.  The gnats were sleeping but as soon as you walked by they woke up and started swarming again.

This is a VERY small percentage of the ones that made it inside the car.

It was so gross, but we were out of there, hoping for a better day.  We spent most of the day in Petoskey.  I got my hair cut, which was way overdue (plus I wanted to wash all the gnats out), and we checked out a bunch of the little shops and had lunch there.  We were going to be staying at Leggs Inn that night.  Leggs Inn is a Polish restaurant that one of the guys Mike works with told him about.  We actually were going to try to stop there last year, but they weren’t open yet.  They have little cabins that you can rent, that have electricity and running water, so we were hopeful that it would go a little better.

Sadly, the bugs were a little better but not by much.  We tried walking down to the lake and were soon covered in gnats again.  So instead of being stuck inside all night again, we both decided it would be best to head to Grandma Deb’s after dinner.  We ate dinner there, which was excellent, and headed out.  Needless to say, we were both very glad to see Garrett and come home.

Our anniversary trip didn’t go quite as planned, but we certainly had an adventure and checked out some new areas.  Thanks for doing all of the planning, Mike!

2 thoughts on “The one with all the gnats!

  1. Jen Tooman says:

    Bummer bout the bugs! But those are the trips you’ll remember most vividly for stories decades from now! 🙂

  2. Amanda says:

    Oh no! We’ve been covered in gnats while working outside lately. Hopefully they will be gone soon!

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