18 weeks.

How far along:   18 weeks already!

How big is baby:  The size of a sweet potato.

Total weight gain:  15lbs, ugh!  Better than last time though, not complaining!

Maternity clothes:  I actually wore a non maternity shirt and dress (not together) this week.  Actually my brown leggings and most of my work out pants aren’t maternity either.  ; )  It’s the little things!

Sleep:  Okay, allergies are kicking my butt so I wake up to sneeze and blow my nose at least once a night.

Best moment of the week:  Hearing the baby’s heartbeat again on Monday.  I saw my lung doctor today and he said my lungs sound great and I should have a full recovery.  I’m going to go back after the baby is born for a chest x-ray and a final check up but he said I’m doing great!

Food cravings:  Sweets.

Food aversions:  Nothing really.

Symptoms:  Allergies and heartburn!  My eyes have been SO itchy lately!!

Movement:  Not really a lot.  Every now and then, I’ll feel a tap.

Gender:  No idea at all.  FYI, if someone has told you (hint: Mom or Debbie) that we are having a girl, we DO NOT know for sure the sex of the baby.  I know several people who have had incorrect results from the Intelligender test, despite their 90% accuracy claim.  I repeat, we do not know if the baby is a girl or boy.   My ultrasound is June 9th and we will hopefully know then.

What I’m looking forward to:  My birthday is Sunday!  Woo HOO!!  Ultrasound too, of course!

What I miss:  No heartburn and allergies not being as bad.

Next appt:  June 9th for the big ultrasound!


2 thoughts on “18 weeks.

  1. Amanda says:

    I love to read your updates! I hope the allergies get better, I know how terrible they are to deal with 😦

  2. Jill says:

    yeah, look how good you look!! Happy Birthday!!! and Happy Anniversary!!

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