We went up north for the first time since Thanksgiving.  It was nice to see everyone, but a very long drive!  Mike and his dad went turkey hunting.  No luck, but they had fun.  Sunday, we got home really early, and Garrett slept the whole way.  It was so nice to get back that early!!  We went to Lowes and got all of our seeds started for the garden this year!!  I really hope they do well, last year’s seeds didn’t do so well, and we ended up having to get plants.  We have a lot bigger area this year, that gets a lot more sun so I’m very hopeful!

I worked on diapers, pretty much all weekend.  It was nice to get them going!  We took a break from cloth diapers last summer because it was so stinking hot.  We don’t have AC in our house and it just got too warm to have the dryer going all the time.  Well, after summer we used them a couple of times but then Mike tore his Achilles and I got sick and we just haven’t gotten back into them.  Now Garrett has outgrown all of the medium diapers and I haven’t made any large.  I’m making small and newborn sized diapers to share with a friend who’s having a baby in August.  When she’s done with them, she’ll send them back and we should have plenty of time before our baby gets here, so I wanted to finish those first.  I was able to make 3 small diapers and 6 large diapers all this weekend!

Sidenote #1: Yes, I watched The Royal Wedding!  Garrett woke up at 5am anyway.  I thought it was so beautiful!  Princess Catherine, was gorgeous!

Sidenote #2:  Baby #2 has been moving a lot more!  Mike even got to feel it last night!  Yay!!


5 thoughts on “Diapers!!

  1. Amanda says:

    How do you make your diapers? I think that would be a great thing for me to learn for the future. Good luck with your seeds! I wanted to start more seeds this year, but we’re almost out of time. It might be plants for me again…

  2. Cari says:

    I was also wondering the same thing, how do you make your diapers? My cousin Jena is going to have a baby in July and I think it would be a great thing to share with her!

  3. Jen Tooman says:

    Have Mike build you a clothes line! I’ve read that sunshine helps whiten cloth diapers and can prevent yeast build up. And it saves on energy cost by not running the drier. Not to mention the heat issue… 🙂
    I read in the farmers almanac that the hottest part of the summer will be end of June-July, with September and October being unseasonably cooler. 🙂 Good for us at the end of our pregnancies!!!

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