13 week survey

A lot of blogs do these little pregnancy surveys every week, so I thought it might be fun to do for the baby.

How far along:  13 weeks

How big is baby:  The size of a peach.

Total weight gain:  5-10lbs depending on the day.

Maternity clothes:  Yes please, so comfy!

Sleep:  I have a hard time getting comfortable, but for the most part, sleep is my friend.

Best moment of the week:  Going out for dinner on Friday, as a family, and booking my flight to New York. 

 Food cravings:  Checkers fries, Sobe lean cranberry drink from Panera.

Food aversions:  Chicken doesn’t sound super appetizing, and at other times I’ll be hungry but nothing will sound good.

Symptoms:  Some very mild morning sickness, also quite tired the past couple days.

Movement:  Sometimes I swear I can feel it flopping around in there, probably just my imagination.

Gender:  I’m thinking girl but we won’t know until my ultrasound.

What I’m looking forward to:  2nd trimester (starts at 14 weeks), and our big ultrasound!!

What I miss:  Nothing really, I’ve been feeling pretty good most days. 

Next appt:  April 11th

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