I think we may be done with bottles.  At least until October, anyway.  Garrett had one Tuesday morning and hasn’t had one since.  I was a little worried about weaning him off of the bottle, because every time I tried, he didn’t want anything to do with it.  He has had water out of cups for a while now but milk, no thank you!  I just gave him a sippy cup of milk on Tuesday, and he’s been doing great with it.  I really thought it would’ve been harder, but I’m very glad I decided to try when I did!

I’m having a hard time deciding if I think Baby #2 is a boy or girl.  I’ve had a lot of girl feelings for a while now.  I’ve been so cold, I don’t remember ever being cold when I was pregnant with Garrett.  Still having chocolate cravings, which chocolate never sounded super good to me when I was pregnant with Garrett.  The other day though, I had a dream that it was a boy.  I was giving myself an ultrasound (why? no idea!) and there was a little boy in my belly, bouncing around!  He was so cute!  We tried the over the counter gender predictor test, Intelligender, but it didn’t work.  Oh well!  We’ll find out soon, sometime in May around our anniversary.  I can’t wait!!

My fungal infection, which has absolutely nothing to do with the pregnancy, seems to be improving.  I had some mild morning sickness from about 6 weeks to 10 weeks.  Nothing compared to how I felt with Garrett.  I’m so thankful, I haven’t been as sick!  I get pretty tired by the end of the day but overall, I’m feeling great!

We are so excited about having another baby!  A little scared but mostly excited! 


4 thoughts on “Changes!

  1. Erin Noel says:

    Way to go, Garrett, on no more bottles! That’s so great!

    I never could figure out the gender of my kids when I was pregnant. Even though they were both boys, my pregnancies were pretty different so I think I’m just weird. Part of me hopes you have another boy bc then Garrett would have a little brother to be best friends with, but then the other part of me wants you to have a girl so you can guy cute little hairbows and Garrett can be a protector big brother to his little sister. :p

  2. Just wanted to follow up and let you know I have been praying for you and baby number two. hope you are doing well. Love you girlie!

  3. Elena says:

    You know I would think this being your second kid you’d not be scared. So I guess it makes me feel better. You know what to expect, you’re willingly doing it, but you’re still a bit scared. I mean to me it’s such a big decision, especially as a person who’s never had kids. I just want to make sure i know what to expect and I really want it before I go into because it’s irreversible.
    The fact that a lot of people go for seconds is good too. Because second kids are almost always planned.

  4. Jill says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for your love and support. I do read and think about everything you tell me. For me, being 37 and able to control my weight for so many years and now I have NO control, makes it hard. You made a great point….I am seeing numbers on the scale I have NEVER seen before, but I know I am pregnant 🙂 Thank you again for everything.
    Hope the nausea gets better. I never had nausea or tiredness….I was so lucky!!
    Love you and glad all is going well. XOXO

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