We received this little moose, before Garrett was born, from a great family friend Janie Oliver.  Garrett has been sleeping with his Mooserson for a while now and loves him so much, he can’t sleep without him!  Once I realize how beloved Mooserson is, I ordered a couple replacements, just in case something happened to Original Mooserson.  Well, Garrett saw Mooserson 2 and 3 and was quite excited about them.  I stacked them on the bottom bunk and he just keep staring at them!  We love our Mooserson!  Thank you so much Janie!


One thought on “Mooserson

  1. janie oliver says:


    After I read your Mooserson comment. You touched my heart deeply when you wrote about Garrett and how he feels about his toy. I was overcome with emotion when you spoke about how I am a great family friend. You and your family are sooooo loved by us and everyone. May God continue to bless you and your wonderful family!

    Love Janie Oliver (“Great Family Friend”)

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