Garrett’s first visit to Detroit!

We went to Detroit last weekend to visit Grandma and Grandpa S.  We had a blast! 

Garrett is doing so much better in the car!  We’ve started leaving him in the backseat in the beginning.  That way he can play and sleep.  When he starts to get fussy, one of us will move to the back to sit with him.   It works out so much better.

He loves his moose!  He chews on the antlers all the time!

Laura and I went to the cloth diaper store!!  It was so exciting!!  There were so many different kinds of diapers!!  I want to try them all!! 

We had a visit with the Polemitis girls!  They are some of the most well-behaved little girls I’ve ever met!

Garrett and Rilan, she didn’t want much to do with him.  She was too busy crawling all over the place. 

Mama, there are a lot of girls here!

Garrett loved Charlotte.

Olivia, what beautiful little girls!

Grandma and a clean baby!

Horsey ride with Grandpa.

Saturday we had a baby shower for Laura’s nephew and his wife who are expecting a baby boy in a couple of months.  Jill and Levi are such sweet people, I know they will be great parents.  Jill is an x-ray tech, too, so it’s always nice chatting with her about work.  Unfortunately, I didn’t take my camera to the shower but Jill looks great!  She’s got a tiny little belly.  Can’t wait to meet baby Johnstone!

Grandpa and Grandma got Garrett a wagon!  He loved it!

Our tomatoes.

Last but not least, our new car!

Just kidding!  Mike needed a company car to take to CMU early on Monday.  It sure is pretty, though!


One thought on “Garrett’s first visit to Detroit!

  1. Summer Lashley says:

    Yay for the blog! And the car and the tomotoes:)

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