Holiday Weekend Part #2

Saturday after the wedding reception we came home!   That’s when the “real” vacation started!  The one that doesn’t involve hours in the car, multiple loading and unloading of all of our worldly possessions, or a cranky infant who refuses to nap as well or frequently because he’s not in his own bed.  It was so nice to have so much time together at home! 

Grandpa Berciunas got us a pool!  I haven’t been able to find one that wasn’t inflatable.  Mike filled it up Saturday when we came home and it was perfect by Sunday afternoon.  Garrett loved it!

Silly face.

Mike thought Fizzy and Pineapple wanted to go swimming too.  Fizzy didn’t seem to appreciate it much.

Pineapple drying off.

Fizzy decided to climb the tree after she dried off.  Silly kitty.

Garrett had a fever on Tuesday, so we ended up taking him to see the doctor.  He doesn’t have an ear infection so she thought he just caught a bug.  Thankfully now, he’s feeling better and hasn’t had a fever at all since last night. 


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