Holiday Weekend Part #1

Mike had Thursday through Tuesday off from work!  I think that’s the most time we’ve spent together since our honeymoon!  It was so nice! 

Thursday we took our time getting everything together and headed up to Marion.  Garrett took a bubble bath in Grandma Deb’s big tub!  He LOVED it! 

I think that’s the cutest face, I’ve ever seen!

Friday we went fishing with my dad while Grandma Deb loved on Garrett.

Mike with a serious face! 

Mike with a silly face! 

We only caught little guys but at least we were catching fish.  It was a lot of fun!  I don’t think I’ve been fishing since Mike moved out of the Gun Lake house. 

Dad and his fish! 

Then we had dinner with Jen and Travis and their girls!  We went swimming in the pool!  It was awesome!

Garrett ate some watermelon!  He loved it!

Garrett loving on Mrs. Jen!

Telling Grandma Berciunas all about his day!

Saturday, my cousin Danielle got married.  We didn’t go to the wedding but we made it to the reception.  Disclaimer:  The outfit Garrett is wearing is not the one I planned for him to wear.  There was an incident in the car on the way to the reception that resulted in an outfit change.  Oh well!

My Uncle Duane, Aunt Sharon and some of their kids all came from Missouri to go to the wedding. 

Peter wanted to hold Garrett!  He’s a cutie!

Trying to get Aunt Barbie’s necklace in his mouth!

It was so great to see my mom’s side of the family!  Congratulations to Matt and Danielle!


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