Aunt Brooke came to visit!

Aunt Brooke came to visit us for the whole weekend!  She even took Friday off so she could stay an extra day!  We had so much fun! 

Garrett started eating peas!  Not very impressed with those either.  He’ll hold them on his tongue and make a gaggy face, like he can’t figure out how to get them off his tongue.  I hope he gets used to vegetables soon!

He is so close to crawling!  He can move across the floor really well on his own already, he just hasn’t quite figured out how to get his arms and legs moving together.  He likes to get up on all fours and rock.

I don’t really mind too much that he gets up once at night sometimes.  We get to snuggle then, and I love that!!

We took Garrett swimming for the first time at the Community Center.  He loved it! 

Grandma and Grandpa Berciunas also came to visit for a little while on Saturday.

The neighbors have two new kittens that we get to play with!  Fizzy (black nose) and Pineapple (white nose),  are their names!!  Garrett loves them!  What a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “Aunt Brooke came to visit!

  1. Erin Noel says:

    Can you believe he’s so close to crawling?! It goes by so fast…

  2. Aunt Brooke says:

    I had such a great weekend with you guys! Thanks for having me! xo

  3. Grandpa Tom says:

    I told you, add some bacon or ham to those peas. That will put a smile on his face.

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