We don’t have a TV and we LOVE it!

We do actually have a TV but we don’t have cable or a converter box so we can’t have any TV channels.  We do have a VCR/DVD player to watch movies.  We also belong to Netflix, which we LOVE, but that’s all.   I find the news too depressing.  I have the internet and Mike to keep me up to date on world happenings.  We’ve never really cared much for reality shows, either.  I do follow a couple of TV series, but I watch them on hulu.com while Mike is at work and Garrett is napping.  I don’t have to stay up late to see them and Mike isn’t forced to watch them either (which he loves).   Everybody wins!  Plus, we didn’t want Garrett watching a lot of cartoons and commercials when he gets older.   We’ve never really had cable and Mike doesn’t care about watching sports on TV (which is one of the things I LOVE about him!!) so we don ‘t miss that either.  It’s not for everyone but it works for us and we love it! 

Two little baby teeth poking through!

Not much longer and we’re going to have a crawling baby!

One thought on “We don’t have a TV and we LOVE it!

  1. Erin Noel says:

    We don’t have tv either and it’s been great. We watch movies on our DVD/VCR and I do catch a few shows online when they kids are in bed, but I’m glad we don’t have cable or anything. We want to make sure our kids are active and don’t sit in front of the tv all day. We play outside tons and we read lots of books and play games inside. We’re busy enough during the day that I don’t know how I’d fit in tv watching!

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