Congrats Mr and Mrs Stewart!

Adam and Stacy got married!  Woo hoo!!!  Mike and Adam lived together for 3 years and now him and Stacy live in the U.P.  It’s sad that we used to see them all the time and now maybe once a year.  We are really going to try to get up there and visit them more often!

What a beautiful bride!!!  We are so happy for you guys! 

My birthday was fun!  Mike went fishing in the morning with his friends, I watched TV and layed around.  We went out for lunch with everyone and then went to the wedding!  It was great to see Tooman, Jen, Brandt, and Carrie!  Then on Sunday we went out for breakfast with Tooman and Jen and then to Adam and Stacy’s to watch them open presents.  It was nice to hang out with them for awhile.  We took an extra night on the road and stopped in Mackinaw City for our anniversary.  We had a great time but I was ready to get home by Monday and see Garrett!

I sure missed him!


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