New Recipes

In my new job as a domestic engineer (a.k.a stay at home mom) I have been searching for new recipes to make for dinner.  Here are a couple of new ones we love.  I’m including pictures because A) I like to know what it’s “supposed” to look like so I have a better idea if I did it right and B) I’m not proud of this but if it doesn’t look good, I don’t even want to try it.  I realize I’m an adult and should have outgrown this but I haven’t.

Disclaimer:  I don’t measure stuff when I cook (I’m working on it) so these are rough estimates. 

Strawberry Syrup

3 cups frozen strawberries

2 cup cheap fruit wine or juice

1 cup loose brown sugar

Boil all ingredients until it’s thick, approximately 10-15 minutes.  Cool and serve.

Variations:  Any fruit would work.  Cool whip on top!

Nacho Casserole

Pizza crust dough (refrigerated or homemade)

1lb of ground beef browned

1 cup of green/red/sweet peppers chopped

1 small can of black olives sliced

2 cups of shredded mexican style cheese

Spray 9×13 pan with oil.  Spread out pizza crust in the bottom of dish.  Mix meat, peppers, and olives together put on top of pizza crust.  Cheese on top.  Bake according to pizza crust directions.

Variations:  You could add salsa and/or beans.  Serve with guacamole or sour cream. 

I can’t have a post without a picture of Garrett, so here is one from this morning!

This is Garrett, napping in his crib, in his room.  A place where he slept all night, only getting up once to eat.  We are all (well, Mike and I are anyways) VERY excited about this new development and praying that it continues and dare I hope improves, even.


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