Garrett’s Birth Story

I want to remember as much as I possibly can about the birth so I wrote down as much as I could during the process, with Mike’s help while I was sleeping.  No graphic pictures but very detailed information.


10pm:  Mike and I went to bed.  We were planning on going to the hospital the next day and possibly getting induced.   I had been dilated to 1 cm since 36 weeks and hadn’t been checked since 37 weeks.

11pm:  I was awakened by a gush of warm fluid.  Still half asleep I ran to the bathroom.  More fluid began to pour out.  This was it, my water had really broken!  I go to wake Mike up.  We are very excited and glad that he decided to come on his own without having to be induced.

11:30pm: Mike talked to Dr. Taylor while I took a shower.  Dr. Taylor said to try to sleep and wait until contractions are about 5 minutes apart, lasting 1 minute.  If they don’t get that close before 11am the next morning to just come on into Labor and Delivery.


Midnight:  It’s a little hard to sleep when you are leaking fluid all over the place.  Plus, I was too excited.  I probably managed to get an hour, all  night.  I was having some contractions, about 7-8 minutes apart lasting about 30 seconds.  They were very irregular, though.

1am:  We decided to call everyone and let them know that my water had broken.  Since my contractions weren’t very regular or painful, we just told everyone not to come out yet.  Mom and Deb didn’t listen.  Since I couldn’t sleep anyways, I tried to keep busy and started some laundry, and finished straightening up the house.

5am:  Mom and Deb arrive.  Contractions still very irregular, trying to rest as much as I can.

10am:  I’m still have irregular contractions.  They seem like they are even slowing down.  We decide to go to the hospital.

10:30am:  I’m hooked up to the monitors to check the baby’s heartbeat and my contractions.  Connie, our nurse checks me and I’m at 3cm and 75% effaced.  So more progress than I had a few weeks ago.

11am:  Dr. Taylor comes in and says we need to start pitocin to get my contractions going.  I had pretty much expected that.  I was a little concerned about starting pitocin without an epidural because I hadn’t heard very good things about pitocin but Dr. Taylor wanted me to wait until I really need the epidural.

11:30am:  Julie, another nurse, starts an IV and pitocin.  My pitocin would be increased every half hour.

2pm: My contractions aren’t that close together still but they are very strong.  I squeeze Mike’s hand during them and try to remember to breathe.  Mike helps me a lot by watching the monitor and telling me when I get to the top and when the contraction starts to decrease.  I ask to get checked again.  Still only at 3cm.  I’m very discouraged.  At childbirth class they told us we couldn’t get an epidural until we were at 4cm, so I still have some time.

3:30pm:  Dr. Taylor comes in and says I can get my epidural, even though I’m not at 4cm, yet.  I love him!

4pm:  The anesthesiologist comes in to give me the epidural!  I really love him!  Sally, one of our nurses (they were very busy, that day, 4 women in labor, so we had a bunch of different nurses) helps me through the contractions while the doctor is inserting the epidural.  Mike watches the whole thing and gets a little freaked out.  I’ve seen a million of them, as an x-ray tech, so I wasn’t concerned.  As soon as it’s in I start to feel relief.  No more pain!  I do start itching , which is a common side effect.  I’d gladly take the itching over the pain.  Sally checks me and I’m at 6cm!  Yeah!  I try to take a nap.

5pm:  I wake up from my nap, feeling much more rested.  Still itching, but no pain.  They are still increasing my pitocin every half hour.   I’m so glad I got the epidural.

6:30pm:  I ask Connie to check me again, when she comes in to increase my pitocin, and I’m at 8cm and 100% effaced.  Yeah!

7:30pm: Micki, my new nurse, comes in to up my pitocin.  She’ll be with us until 7am.

7:45pm:  Dr. Taylor comes in and checks me again, I’m 8 1/2 cm.  Yeah!

9:30pm:  Micki gives me a medicine called Regalin because I’m feeling a little nauseous.  I get checked again and I’m still about 8 1/2 to 9 cm dilated.  I decide to try to get some more sleep.  They continue to increase my pitocin every half hour.


1:30am:  I wake up from my nap.

2am:  They give me some antibiotics because my water had been broken for so long.  I’m feeling nauseous again, so Micki gives me another dose of Regalin.

3:30am:  We start practice pushes.  He’s very low in my pelvis.  It’s nice to be able to finally do something to help move things along instead of just waiting.

4:40ish:  We can see his head.  There is a lot of stretching, it’s hard not too just keep pushing, but they want me to go slowly to decrease the risk of tearing.  One more push then his head comes out, Dr. Taylor tells me not to push and he suctions out his mouth.  Dr. Taylor unwraps the cord from around Garrett’s neck.   There is a lot of pressure and stretching from his shoulders.  The next push, his whole body slides out.

4:46am:  Garrett Joseph Stephenson is born!  Dr. Taylor confirms that he is a boy and lays him on my stomach.  They suction out his mouth and nose some more and then turn him around so I can see him.  He’s absolutely perfect!

4:55am:  The placenta comes out and Dr. Taylor starts stitching me up, I had a 2nd degree tear.  They take Garrett and weigh and measure him.  He’s 8lb 1oz and 19 1/2 inches long.  His apgars are 9 and 9.

Mike holding his son for the first time.

Our family.

I’m very happy with how the birth went.  It was long but I’m so glad I got the epidural and was able to get some sleep.  Especially before I started pushing.  Pushing went really fast, for me.  Overall, it was a very positive experience.


4 thoughts on “Garrett’s Birth Story

  1. Erin Noel says:

    Yea, and now Garrett is here! Can you believe that just a week ago he was inside you?!

  2. Chrissy says:

    Awww I am so happy…do you need anything? meals? help around the house? I would love to visit soon.

  3. Sue Franz says:

    Hi Verna – I am so happy to read Garrett’s birth story. I am so glad everything went so well and smoothly. I am actually a little bit jealous. The Epidural! They did not offer me that for neither of my boys’ births. Lucky you that you could take a nap during the labor!
    Take good care of yourself! When you are ready, please bring him to Mike’s work so we can meet him.

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