10 more weeks!

I can’t believe he’ll be here in 10 more weeks.  Sometimes if feels like it is going sooooo slow, and other times it seems to fly by.  Thanks to all of our wonderful family we have pretty much all the big stuff that we need.  The house is all ready for him.   I only have 39 days left of work until the end of the year (not like I’m counting or anything).  Mike has all his paperwork for FMLA time so he can take a week off to be home with me and the baby.  I’m so glad he’s doing that, it’s going to be so nice! 

We sold our old vehicles!  Yeah!  It doesn’t look like a used car lot in front of our house anymore.  Just the two 4runners are left.  Mine is getting checked out at the mechanics and then I’ll get some pictures up of them.


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